Far to the north of The Grand Cavern there is another team of adventurers. Stranded at the entrance of a collapsed magma tunnel they deliberate how to...View Details

An immense and terrible creature emerges from the dark lake to take vengeance upon those that would dare enter the Gates of Gauntlgrym. Thanks for li...View Details

The stories were true. The Mithril gates of Gauntlgrym glimmer in the gloom of a grand cavern the size of a small town. Only one obstacle seems to sep...View Details

A direction is chosen, the air doesn't seem as foul down there, and for good reason. Something has been cleaning the cavern's walls and floors... ----...View Details

There is a way to prove yourself to become a student of the Adventurers Academy in Coral, simply complete the Entrance Exam! However perhaps the young...View Details

Impatience gets the better of the adventurers as they go in for Roper hugs once again. ----more---- Intro theme "Road to Gauntlgrym 2", "Tearing up t...View Details

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